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IMUS, the town's name was given by the Conquistadors during 1600s that comes from the word, "Infimus" which means lowlands. Imus used to be a "Hacienda" and Farming is the popular source of livelihood that each household does backyard farming and pigpen is a normal part of the house. With the influence of the Galleon Trade and conquistadors, preserving meat is one of influence to town's culinary culture and this has gave birth to Imus' very own version of "Longaniza", made up of locally farmed pork, native spices and seasoning such as anatto, black pepper and garlic, salt, soy sauce and vinegar making it a very distinct "Adobo-Style Longaniza" that is very easy to love. BIG BEN's Kitchen maintains its heirloom recipe with original taste and quality that is all natural through the years. D'Famous Imus Longaniza, truly a comfort food among Imusenos, make it yours, too...

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Authentic Tagalog Dishes and more!

Big Ben’s Kitchen Restaurant

Named to pay tribute to the owner’s late grandfather, it has gained popularity among local and nearby towns as a restaurant that serves traditional home cooked meals that are very reasonably priced. The restaurant is defined as a “Longganisahan” —

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Artisanal Bottled Gourmet Products

This business focuses on providing convenience to customers especially those who do not have much time to cook. The bottled specialties, Grass Fed Tapa, Organic Chicken Tocino, Adobong Tagalog, Adobong Tinali, Organic Atchara Papaya, Bagoong Alamang and the bestselling Sukang

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Naturally Processed Meats

Big Ben’s flagship product is D’Famous Imus Longganisa. It has won several awards including The National Product Excellence Award 2015-2016 as “The Best Gourmet Longganisa” and the Philippine Social Media Award as “Most Outstanding Natural Gourmet Longganisa in the Market”

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"No Gimmicks, Just Real Good Food!"
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Imus, Cavite
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11:00 AM – 10:00 PM